We are officially live! Thanks for coming along for the ride!


In this post we just wanted to make things a little clearer regarding Quantize Productions and how we came to be.

A few years ago we were collectively working as artists and events promoters, both part of university and as hobby enthusiasts. Just a small selection of our aliases (a lot of which are now defunct or on hiatus) would be Insomniscene, [z-brakkit], Alteralias, Bass Injection and Minor1. We had a few releases, festival appearances and fervently gigged – A LOT.

Through these outlets we experienced sound design, DJing, remixing, producing beats for rappers and producing backing tracks for singer/songwriters, as well as using any serious studio time and availability to help people out with post production work (mixdown and mastering). Whilst a lot of initial work went as favours for our nearest and dearest (as it always does when you’re starting out), the feedback was always 100% positive due to our friendly yet professional manner of engagement with artists.

We were told that what we were doing is what all professionals in this field should be doing –

•catering to what the client needed and putting them at the forefront of everything.

•Hip hop instrumentals that can be edited and re-arranged in accordance with the rappers lyrics.

•Audio for theater performances that can be revisited as the script or screenplay changes.

•Backing tracks that can be sped up or slowed down as the guitar player has re-written the melodies.

So we turned this approach into a business model and are offering this tried, tested and refined method to artists, not just nationwide, but the world over.

▪No more will rappers be erasing four bars of lyrics to fit with the instrumental they just bought.

▪No more will singers have to struggle to sing in key with their recent purchase of a backing track.

▪No more will artists just like you have to settle. We will work with you looking out for your interests.


Happy listening.